Notice to Travelers

Author: Carfindis Borlu
Released In:

Fyrelight Cave is a delightful display of nature’s underground artistry. Always worth a look. I, Carfindis Borlu, have received showers of praise for my work showing the moody, mysterious nature within.

If you go, be on your guard within Fyrelight. Perhaps even more so now, with some unrest with the very land itself here and there along the Gold Road. I have seen, in the distance, strange movement, and intriguing lights. The lithe movement of a spriggan, perhaps? And there are strange echoes, that may frighten those of a less adventurous nature. Deep, bass notes from some… creature or creatures within.

So I must both praise Fyrelight for it’s mysterious beauty and caution you in the same breath for it’s equally mysterious denizens.Fair travels! Look for my bulletins hither and yon as I explore Tamriel with my paints and a merry heart.
– Carfindis Borlu, painter-at-large

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