The Black Forge

Released In:
Author (in-game): Kyngald Nazkrixor

Raw Materials for the Great Shackle:

Supplies of ebony-alloy cold-iron are stable at 17,500 tons, but that’s barely enough to forge the Shackle, given typical rate of loss in the casting process. It might be wise to send for another 2,000 tons from the mine burrows in the side of the Mountainous Corpse of the Iron Colossus. Better safe than sorry.

I am honored to report that we have discovered the source of the depletion in the supplies of the Charcoal of Remorse: cinder-imps had been getting into the vault through a forgotten plasm-duct and gorging on the C of R. (We learned this when we found one so bloated it was unable to get back through the duct opening.) We sent in an explosive duct-worm, which found the nest and discorporated all the cinder-imps. Deficits in the supply of Charcoal of Remorse have been made up by increasing Torment Quotas on the Kothringi Soul Shriven.

I don’t wish to be one to point talons, but it is my duty to report that even if the Shackle is forged according to schedule, we will not be able to quench it if we do not receive our shipment of the Blood of a Thousand Innocents. We have gotten repeated assurances from Exsanguinator Thartantix that our shipment will be on its way “any shift now,” but so far all we’ve received are promises. I hesitate to elevate this to the Overkyn level, but I think it’s high time the matter was looked into.

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