The Steel Shrikes Proclamation

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

Our All-Beneficent King Fahara'jad (may he live forever) has ignited the flame of ambition within our breasts. From the waters which delivered us to the coasts of Hammerfell, we embark on a journey of legend and song. All shall sing of our deeds and our consorts will burn with everlasting fervor for our victorious return!

Do not falter, warriors of Yokuda! Our Steel Shrikes (may we be ever triumphant) shall cut to the heart of the untamed jungles and reveal a new land. As we broke upon the shores of Alik'r, so shall we set our mark upon the sands of the Elves. The Redguards' next great domain shall be built on the ashes of our conquered foes! Our strength, our honor, and our courage shall triumph forever!

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