Silvenar Manifest

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

– 12 oxen, live
– 12 oxen, butchered, salted
– 10,000 eggs
– 200 chickens, live
– 14 barrels, flour (West Weald)
– 6 barrels, sugar (Tenmar)
– 12 casks, salt
– 12 kegs, ale
– 6 kegs, mead
– 20 kegs, beer

Note: It is imperative the kegs of mead, ale, and beer be marked discreetly or in code. The Wood Elf handfast ritual includes the imbibing of a rather … unique alcoholic drink made from honey, animal fat, and other ingredients not considered palatable by other members of the Aldmeri Dominion. While the Wood Elven nobility understands the need for refreshments other than this concoction, there is no need to put … alternative beverages front and center. It could be considered insulting.

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