Military Deployment across Auridon

Released In:
Author (in-game): Battlemage Sinien

Battlereeve Rolancano,

The following are the current numbers mustered to maintain order during Queen Ayrenn’s sojourn through Auridon. As our logistics expert, Battlereeve Urcelmo, asked me to send you the following numbers to ensure we have adequate coverage. We know you are still mourning, but Urcelmo and I both value your judgment in these matters.

Royal Guard: First Auridon Marines

Leader: Battlereeve Urcelmo

Total numbers throughout Auridon:

— 20 officers
— 278 soldiers

Queen Ayrenn’s Escort

Leader: Battlereeve Urcelmo

— 4 officers
— 20 soldiers


— High Kinlady Estre
— High Kinlord Rilis
— Prince Naemon
— Advisor Norion
— Steward Eminwe
— Attendents and Retinue (5 persons)
— 15 servants


Will resupply at Vulkhel Guard, Skywatch, and Firsthold.

Firsthold: Local Guards

Leader: Guard Captain Viranssare

— 10 officers
— 50 soldiers


— 100

Skywatch: Local Guards

Leader: Guard Captain Torinn

— 8 officers
— 45 soldiers


— 80

Vulkhel Watch: Local Guards

Leader: Watch Captain Astanya

— 4 officers
— 29 soldiers


— 50

In all cases, should security not be enough, we can use reinforcements from the Fighters Guild. Though they’re neutral in the Alliance War, they still accept contracts to bodyguard. Each city has an adequate Guildhall. There is potential use for the Mages Guild as well should numbers still be low. It’s always good to have spellslingers at our backs.

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