Morgaulle Dechery’s Journal

Author: Morgaulle Dechery
Released In:

It is true that the king had not the strong feelings of the rest of the people of High Rock well in mind; but he was affected by a sudden clarity following his meeting with the envoy. King Joile had lived in so respectable a manner as to elicit the ire of the Redguards, even though he had done every conceivable thing within his power to grant them comfort and courtesy within his presence.

The Ra Gada were no more than a comparatively new and invasive people, who began their residence upon the shores of Tamriel only after rendering their homeland irreparably damaged. These Ra Gada interlopers were received into Hammerfell and began to make short work of their local Orsimer neighbors, presuming so far as to call themselves the Forebears, while in fact the lands had occupancy precursors in the Orsimer, Dwemer, Ayleids, and even the Goblins!

It should be known by now that the Redguards are thusly not the legal inheritors of Hammerfell, nor are they owed any claim upon the territories of Bangkorai. In the society of civilized Evermore, the untoward rage which issued forth from Orsinium was therefore not the only immediate threat, but also too was the concealed blade of the Redguards.

For what people carry upon them at all times blades but those who intend to bear some immediacy in using them against others?

King Joile's reaction toward the Redguard forces within Bangkorai during the conflict proceeded not merely from malice, but from goodness of heart and a desire to bring solid safety and comfort to his peoples across all of High Rock.

The Maidens of the Spirit Sword, who were maidens only in name, were rendered wroth by naught but this protective instinct! It would have quieted their mannish ambitions if they could have seen his noble bearing, the acknowledged eminence of his countenance when not upon the field of battle.

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