Articles of the Sakkr-al-Behr

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Article 1. All treasure taken from a captured vessel, town, or enemy hold shall be immediately divided into two parts. The first part is entered into the ship’s purse for repairs, resupply, and operating costs. The second shall be divided amongst the crew as defined in Article 2. On recommendation of the First Mate and Bosun, the Captain may choose to reserve more than this in dire need.

Article 2. Shares are assigned as follows: Inactive Crew (wounded, sick, or otherwise): 1/2 share. Active Crew: 1 share. Raid Leaders: 2 shares. Raid Commanders: 4 shares. Bosun: 4 shares. First Mate: 6 shares. Captain: 8 shares.

Article 3. Bonus Shares. Healers, sorcerers, and other specialists are awarded a bonus share in addition to all rank shares. Those wounded in the line of duty are also awarded one bonus share. The Captain may award up to 2 bonus shares to a crewman for heroic or valiant service.

Article 4. Any crewman found withholding shares or refusing action shall be marooned on a sandbar or like island with 3 days rations. Any crewman who assaults or injures another in order to avoid discovery of such offense will be marooned without rations, and without benefit of island but with attached chains and weights.

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