The Nine Coruscations

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Author (in-game): Star-Queen Varalias

The Nine Coruscations, Volume I

Let it be known that these sacred sisters followed the parabolas that led away from Magnus, and in so doing chose to let their light continue to shine upon us.


The Blue Star. The Reclusive Princess. [….] retroactively constructed by the [….] named her Memory. Appears when the Dragon [….] untime [….] frozen moments of unfettered destiny [….] unbound time gives way [….] Dragon Break [….] as it was in the Dawn [….] endless possibility [….] rewritten narratives [….] even the Elder Scrolls [….] always there is born a Prisoner Unbound [….] as is the will of the Prime [….] there is no right lesson learned alone.


The Cyan Star. The [….] of Water. The Spritely Liar. She brings a period of rest after the Break. [….] a calming moment between storms. [….] said to promote relaxation. The daylight’s vitality [….] erased [….] the shadow of [….] teaching the youth the various triumvirate roles to be retaken. Wisdom of [….] how the story has unfolded before. [….] there at the Cradle of Devotion. Creativity [….] as fuel [….] Energy that uplifts. Even if she [….] peace and tranquility [….] without harmony and balance [….] until Azura opens the Third Eye [….] clarity, foresight, intuition [….] Mystery, Memory, and the Unknown.


The Green Star. The [….] of Earth. The [….] of the Starry Heart. When Magnus drew up his plans, he [….] for all that would be. [….] He sought to create something he could finally [….] A perfect being, born of Light within Love. He drew upon all of [….]: the beauty of Nir, the eyes of Azura, the smile of Mara, the body of Dibella, the wings of Kynareth, the will of Boethiah, the mystery of Vaermina, the wisdom of Mephala, the determination of Namira — and from [….] fated forge Londa-Vera emerged with a cry that echoed [……] endless ages. So divergent was her birth that she never truly formed, but the aspects of her being scattered across the Aurbis and broke upon [….] She is everywhere and nowhere, the feminine power of magic that allowed the Mundus to exist despite the impossibility of it all.


The Orange Star. The [….] of Fire. The Burning Bride. Royalty among the Scions of Magnus. The most loved of all wayward Star Orphans. Valia preached patience and compassion during the War of [….] Yet in the mean, she was tasked with the most difficult mission of all. [….] burst through the firmament, scattering magicka across the newborn realm. [….] so she traveled far to find each of them in turn, and she offered them a place among her kingdoms. [….] To each who would say yes she offered a piece of herself, until so many accepted that she herself began to fade away. [….] If that light ever returned [….] But so too none can doubt the number of lights in the starry sky.


The Yellow Star. The [….] of Air. Scion of [….] Unyielding. To brace her sisters along the firmament and teach them to be immovable. [….] the unstars came, and still she taught them to be undevourable. Unala-Se taught all the orphans the ways of the word, the blade, and the sign. [….] they watched as black bile swept across the land like a sickened sea, not yet knowing that their [….] the tragic prince of Lyg [….] and the darkness within him poured forth from the wound, taking a life of its own in the realm. [….] the dark encircled even the Elden King of Graht who seemed so steadfast [….] drank of the dark and became something more [….] after her fall a black tree of poison and death [….] she showed us that which we were meant to see. [….] watches still, hoping we will remember Love.

The Nine Coruscations, Volume II

Let it be known that these sacred sisters followed the parabolas that led away from Magnus, and in so doing chose to let their light continue to shine upon us.


The Black Star. [….] of Flesh. The Orphan Opposite. [….] unto the adjacent space and fought alongside Lorkh within [….] alternate worlds unto endless possibilities [….] King of Dreugh fell to Mehrunes the Razor [….] was forced to [….] the next kalpa [….] to spiral ever-out and see the land and sky preferred to sea. [….] she was left to wander beside the serpent, so dark as to not be at all.

Carried among unstars [….] Xero-Lyg cataloged all the events that [….] through time and untime, and there she found paths yet unseen to those among the stars. [….] to ask what she saw as she looked within the wheel and the center was gone. [….] This is known only [….] and [….] why they now bear this burden alone.


The Red Star. Harbinger of Dawn. Second Daughter of [….] She is the Light of [….] who bore witness to the Crucible of Creation. [….] Refraction within reason [….] Goddess Who Holds […] Free will is to be surrendered to passion [….] destiny is fulfilled for the vessel [….] Radiant in times of [….] blinding the Dragon and bending his form [….] Mirror of the Lie [….] revealing purity in chaos with fervor [….] that false-life might be abolished [….] with the fire of new light may the Mundus be reforged.


The Violet Star. The Soul Matron. The Light of [….] becoming magicka interspersed among [….] She sits upon a throne [….] and scatters the souls of mortals along innumerable roads. Through this [….] fate has a chance to be born, as decided by the Prime Archon, First Daughter of Magnus. Iana-Lor rescues souls [….] and no destination. Their energy is [….] magicka required [….] of the Aurbis. She is the Silent Mother, the star capable of truly dispassionate love. What is necessary will be, as decreed by [….]. And by her will the disks continue to whirl.


The White Star. [….] our Prime Archon. Queen of Fates Unwritten. [….] showed her the Infinite Abyss [….] Indeterminate Sea (Mora Obscura) [….] revealed the Indefinite Limits of Lorkh-Apeiron [….] to the four corners of the Aurbix Arenae [….] myriad kingdoms along innumerable paths [….] at last came to the South.
[….] not only [….] Anui-El and Sithis [….] harmony within duality; unity of opposites [….] that contained starlight and endless possibility beyond cosmic interplay. He named her [….] the Colors of Light [….] the madness of the Time God and the first challenge of his shadow, who in nothingness saw those endless possibilities first. [….] outside and separate from the Tri-Nymic, yet crucial to all three. Linear time layered atop infinite possibility, thus did Aka [….] in the South, and yet [….] learned why his insanity is all that is and could be. [….] by this lesson [….] Ada-mantia, stable spire fixed by a stone of nothing-possible [….] cleaving a path through the everything to reach Numancia. Thus we must [….] against Man [….] that our violence might bring forth a Numinous Paravant, who may with unbound hands echo forth the Prime Archon’s endeavor.

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