A Call for Recollection

Released In:

To all my kin, all who share the blood of our forefathers, I speak.

I know how you feel. There is an emptiness in your center, the knowledge of something missing in your lives. You have been wronged, but you know not how. Take heart! You are not alone.

We are many, and we are united in our loss. Long ago, our rightful lands were taken from us by invaders with no respect for the beauty of our cities or the subtlety of our art. They rose against us with fire and steel, slaughtering our kin without mercy. A great civilization was thrown down and forgotten.

It is our duty to recall what was lost. To rise up and reclaim what was taken from us all so long ago. We must put aside our differences and grievances. Stand together against the forgetfulness of history. Only by daring to sacrifice everything can we preserve the legacy of our ancestors and reclaim what was lost.

Let us rally to this cause, let us summon our courage and our passion, and let us take up arms against those who seek to destroy us. We will strike back with all the fury of a thunderstorm, with the ferocity of a wildcat, and we will reclaim our stolen heritage!

We are the Boiche, the guardians of the forest. But we are also something more, heirs to the Ayleid legacy of power and accomplishment that once spanned Tamriel. Join me, my kin, and together we will take back what is rightfully ours.

Let our battle cry be heard across the land!

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