Spirits of Lost Nature

Author: Archdruid Melie
Released In:

On the care, quarantine, and rehabilitation of resident troubled nature spirits, written by Archdruid Melie.

For our own protection, we have placed wards upon the three volatile spirits. Access to them is limited, apart from those Stonelore druids who are trained to rehabilitate spirits of lost nature.

My heart cries out in the shattered pain of these spirits. We share a deep connection to them and respect the power of their domains. For other spirits to be thus stripped of their sanctuaries, unable to connect to the nature they were created to protect, their anguish, it's not felt alone.

Scalded Roots:

Formerly the Spirit of Wildflower Grove, this spirit took on the guise of a spriggan and stood in the path of a raging wildfire. Despite the spirit's best efforts, the grove burned, trapping the spirit in the spriggan's form.

Now the spirit lives in a waking dream of fire and storm. In time, we hope to calm the heat of its grief and bathe its charred roots in cooling waters, but for now the spirit attacks anyone who draws near. Be cautious when lighting cookfires as the spirit's hidden realm is pulled closer to the fire of Scalded Roots' nightmarish memory.


Once the Nereid of a deep underground river, Lutea came into little contact with the mortals of the world above her. The oldest of our spirits of lost nature, Lutea hears the song of blood running through our mortal veins and seeks to free it. It's unclear if she understands that draining the blood of a mortal permanently ends it.

Early attempts to placate her involved creating a pool of water in her cavern, but a pool feels like so little to the Nereid of a river. As for now, all attempts to assist her have stopped until we can create a river for her to call home. Until that time, be careful of transporting water in the Deeproot.


The most recent of our spirits of lost nature is an Earth Indrik affectionately called Jodoro. He lived in a forest that was decimated by Mornard logging efforts. He seemed most at home in the Path of the Salt Wind, though Jodoro behaves like his hide is infested with wood worms. He does not trust easily and tries to impale every druid who meets with him. Still, I have more hope for Jodoro than the others. His forest may regrow if given enough time, and our efforts to rehabilitate him may become unnecessary due to nature's inherent ability to thrive in most situations. Still, it's best to stay on the trail when walking the Path of the Salt Wind.

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