Powering the Dark Anchors

Author: Anonymous
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Our great Prince Molag Bal has found a way to conquer the wretched realm of Nirn. Using Dark Anchors crafted in the Black Forge to weaken the barrier between worlds, the metaphysical chains will allow us to merge Nirn and Coldharbour into a singular domain ruled by the Lord of Schemes himself.

It takes considerable power to form the connection across the chaos of Oblivion. Unfortunately, this energy isn't as easy to acquire as the raw materials used to create the planar hooks and chains. Powerful mortals, especially powerful magic-users, provide the cleanest, most effective source of energy. On the other end of the spectrum, the Soul Shriven are practically worthless for this purpose, as the amount of energy we can draw from them is barely enough to start the melding process let alone carry it to fruition. Unless an unlimited source of powerful mortal mages suddenly makes itself available to us, we will have to explore other alternatives.

Our various experiments have finally paid off. We have discovered (through much trial and error) that atronachs can be used to supply enough energy to power the Dark Anchors and may even be capable of powering the ultimate Dark Anchor—the Great Shackle. Flame and frost atronachs work well, but the most power by far is provided by the violatile storm atronachs. These creatures of wind and lightning will need to be acquired in great numbers to provide the energy we need to launch the Dark Anchors and the Great Shackle into Nirn.

This appears to be our best solution—at least until we can acquire a steady source of powerful mortal mages to draw from. We will continue to work on that avenue, as well. For the glory of Molag Bal!

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