Ruddy Man Rhyme

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

(A Dark Elf Children’s Rhyme)

Remember when the Ruddy Man is about
You cannot scream and you cannot shout
You cannot run, you cannot hide,
He’s already killed everyone who tried!

What does the Ruddy Man like to eat?
Dark Elf eyes and Dark Elf feet!
Dark Elf tongues and Dark Elf toes!
Hide all you want, the Ruddy Man knows!

When is the Ruddy Man out to play?
Whenever the sky turns dark and gray!
He’s in that mine, no, he’s in that cave,
He wants to send you to your grave!

Who can defeat the great Ruddy Man?
Our Lord Vivec, that’s who can!
He’ll slash and strike the Ruddy Man through
And then he’ll make some Ruddy Man stew!

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