Imperial Incursions: Why a Swamp?

Released In:
Author (in-game): General Augurius Bucco

Imperial Memorandum #53902.B

Members of the Imperial Council,

First, I want to thank you again for offering me this opportunity to serve the Empire. I will do everything in my power to constantly be worthy of your faith in me.

Second, it has come to my attention that certain members of the council have expressed curiosity or even concern over my decision to take command of the Fourth Legion of Black Marsh. “Why conquer a damn swamp when there are more important locations to deal with?” was one particular quote, reportedly spoken by a ranking member of the council, that reached my ears. Now of course, I will always defer to your limitless wisdom, but let me tell you why I think this “damn swamp” is necessary to the future security of the Empire.

Black Marsh covers a huge portion of southeast Tamriel. From our exploration of the coastline, the interior swampland is easily as large as Hammerfall or Skyrim, and it contains an untapped reservoir of wealth and resources waiting to be exploited. If the Lizard-Folk won’t take advantage of that, then certainly we should.

And what about the Lizard-Folk themselves? Do we really want these primitive savages governing themselves? That would leave our borders ripe for attack if they ever gave rise to a charismatic leader of their own. Why wait for the inevitable? Better to take matters into our own hands and chart our own destiny. After all, that is the Imperial way!

Finally, Black Marsh represents the final frontier for the Imperial war machine. It is new and unblemished, an unknown region demanding to be explored. I look forward to leading our forces on this necessary and worthwhile endeavor. And I assure you, our victory over the Lizard-Folk will be fast and glorious. I guarantee it!

General Augurius Bucco,
Commander, Fourth Legion
13th Sun’s Dawn, 1E 2811

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