The Rite of Boethiah’s Gauntlet

Released In:
Author (in-game): Thendaramur Death-Blossom

By Thendaramur Death-Blossom, Boethiah’s Conduit of Sutch

Over fifty Gauntlets have I witnessed,
Mighty Men and Mer contending, fitly
Off’ring blood and body, Faithful fighting,
Proving worth and zeal, Boethiah’s best and
Most devoted show they stop at nothing.

Pitted, Faithful versus Faithful, grandly giving
All they must to praise their Prince so proudly.
None can doubt devotion offered freely.
Tested thus, the Faithful know who’s worthy—
Who shall be the Conduit of Boethiah.

Champion of Boethiah’s also chosen,
Gauntlet given, through the test of melee.
Those who fear the sword, the mace, and dagger
Lack the heart to show our foes no pity—
Molag Bal will welcome them to Stonefire.

Warlock of Boethiah wields the magic
Better than the weaklings of Azura,
Casting spells to pass the test of Gauntlet,
Showing lesser Faithful their position.
All must serve the Prince in their own fashion.

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