Argument Between Priest and Druid Number 12

Released In:
Author (in-game): Priest Earnarelwe, Druid Maxelot, Dunius Sosia (Editor)

Dialogue between Priest Earnarelwe of the Eight and Druid Maxelot of the Stonelore Circle. Overheard in the streets of Vastyr and recorded for posterity by Dunius Sosia.

(It should be noted that the author has been able to regularly predict when the arguments between these two religious figures would occur and brings a sweetroll along. Their interaction is more akin to the jousting favored by nobles than a discussion between friends. The author enjoys them greatly and endeavors to overhear every single one.)

“Druid! Stand and prepare to be questioned!”

“Ah, my good friend. How are things at the cathedral?”

“Never mind the pleasantries. How could you limit yourself to Y’ffre alone? Have you no respect for the bounties given by the Divines?”

“That doesn’t seem fairly phrased.”

“Apologies, but my question stands, druid. Why is Y’ffre the only god worth worshiping?”

“Well, I can’t speak as to what others believe, but …. All right, just look around? How can you see all of this beauty and not want to drop to your knees? It’s Y’ffre’s gift. I appreciate the gifts I can see.”

“Isn’t that too limiting?”

“No. Oh! You think I should praise Kynareth or Mara? Those gods are fine, I suppose. You’re welcome to sing their praises, but your Divines don’t really speak to me. Honestly, I don’t know how you have time to honor all of the Divines.”

“Time? Each of the Divines has their allotted feasts and celebrations. We recognize their works in all things and give thanks as is required.”

“That sounds so repetitive.”

“Repetitive? Pah. Repetition is the natural order of Nirn. Seasons cycle on an ever-turning wheel. Flocks and herds migrate with regularity. The rains fall on a predictable path. All you worship is the repetition.”

“And you don’t understand the wildness of nature. Its spontaneity and mystery. Yes, we follow the seasons as Y’ffre teaches, but you follow festivals and celebrations.”

“The Divines expect to be praised.”

“Of course.”

“Who am I to question their wisdom and commands?”

“Just a simple priest dedicated to their service?”

“You think you won this conversation, don’t you?”

“That’s all right, my friend, I’m sure you’ll be better prepared the next time.”

“Tomorrow in the market at the usual time?”

“Of course. I wouldn’t miss one of our discussions for all the honey that Y’ffre provides!”

“Next time, druid, I wish to hear your thoughts on worshiping in a cathedral.”

“Inside? Away from the grass and trees? Out of the wind? There’s nothing to pray to in there.”

“Oh, but there is! Away from the distractions of the woodlands you revere, we can find the Divines working within us. We can hear their voices in each of our good deeds. We can—”

“Earnarelwe! Save your arguments for tomorrow!”

“Apologies again. I’ll see you then.”

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