Thoughts on the Sacred Numbers

Author: Anonymous
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As I sit here in the perfection of this garden, I contemplate the Sacred Numbers that we recognize as Auspicious and critical to the existence of the universe.

Three is the Number of the Prime Celestials, as embodied in the sun and the two moons. It is also the number of my perfect daughters, which is why we shall produce no other heirs.

Five is the Number of the Elements, for reality consists of Earth, Air, Water, Fire, and Aether. It is also the number of books I have open upon my desk at any given time.

Eight is the Number of the Planets, as well as the sum of three plus five. Eight is also the limit I impose when drinking glasses of Gossamer Tawny Port with the members of my philosophical society—no more and no less.

These are the Good Numbers. And the sum of the Good Numbers, which we call Sixteen, is a very powerful number indeed.

We must beware the Bad Number, though, for Two lacks vision and attempts to display duality, which we all know is impossible.

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