Words of the Grand Sermonizer

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Faithful, Kvatch has stood as a bulwark against the darkness – and those that lurk in it – for generations. Your Wardens are the envy of cities across the Empire for their tireless watch against those skulking evils that would poison the purity of this place. But we must not grow complacent! For it is now that we face our greatest peril: The Dark Brotherhood!

The Primate, in his infinite wisdom, has seen this threat approaching. Even now, they creep into our lands, finding purchase in the long shadows of Anvil and the overgrowth of our untamed wilderness. This decay has allowed them to infect our beloved Gold Coast and, unchecked, it will fester.

Kvatch must lead by example. We must root out these murderers wherever they may be found, not just within our own realm. You too must become the warden. You too must become aspirants of the Hour. You too must raise the hue and cry, or draw the sword of justice against the sickly knives of these perverse fiends. When the light is cast upon them, you will find no fearsome creatures. Only the craven shell that remains when the shadows are dispelled.

The hour of reckoning approaches, faithful, be ready to meet it.

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