Song of Fate

Released In:

Oh fathomless Prince of the dark brewing tide
Who peers through the ink between pages and hide
Come visit our children, they don’t wish to wait
Oh great Hermaeus, master of knowledge and fate

Little Dronos wants to circumvent time
And putting off sleep is a victimless crime
He could stay up late eating kwama egg quiche
Or training his daedrat to walk on a leash

Even dull Modryn has a wish for the Prince
Power to deceive, and impress, and convince
With speechcraft like this, he’d go to his mother
And say that the sweetroll thief was his brother

Nilera wishes to learn levitation
Then she could follow cliff racer migration
And even soar high o’er the Bitter Coast
And spit on the heads of the children she hates the most

And then there’s Vulyne whose father died
Who dares bring him back from the other side
For a parent returned and skin well-preserved
They offer our Prince an eternity served

Sweet Vulyne knows the price you must pay
Contracts are binding, if also cliché
The One Who Knows takes much more than he gives
Insatiable hunger outlasts and outlives

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