The Book of Reason

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

Thoughts are what separate man and mer from beasts. Without thoughts, we have no empathy, no capacity to care for those around us.

Ancient remedies, handed down by word of mouth through the generations, provide us with the peace of mind necessary to sustain our existence.

Due to the sensitive nature of our illness, and the curative properties of our sheltered hamlet, residents are required to remain in the village for the length of their natural lives, lest the illness spread.

"By the light
By the dark
Within and without,
Bound to one another
By hope
By thoughts
By the land
Until our souls take flight"

Speak the words and believe in them. We restrain ourselves by keeping to ourselves. Our thoughts hold the descent at bay, and allow us this peaceful existence.

The shelter of the village comes from times long-forgotten, from those driven to this place by their need.

Their suffering sanctified the land upon which we live. Our promises keep it sacred.

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