Understanding House Redoran

Released In:
Author (in-game): Remoran Redoran

By Remoran Redoran, Grand Historian for the House, Written in the 107th Year of the Golden Peace

From the original formation of House Redoran, our housekin have held the virtues of duty, gravity, and piety most dear. A frivolous, soft life is not worth living. We focus on maintaining the traditions of the civilized Dunmer and holding fast to the way of the warrior. Our military strength, for example, outclasses the other Great Houses by a wide margin. Our prowess puts us at least one step ahead of them all and in most cases many more.

For Redoran housekin, the driving goal is to fulfill your duty and maintain your honor. Anything less is a disrespect to yourself and your House. Beyond that, your duty is to your honor, your family, and your clan – in that order.

Life is essentially serious and difficult. We must accept and endure the harshness of life, for that is the path of the Redoran. Reflect upon every event and action with thoughtfulness and sobriety. Remain stern, deliberate, and proud! For anything less is not Redoran.

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