New Cult or Ancient Religion?

Author: Sulema
Released In:

An Investigation into the Order of the New Moon
By Sulema, Initiate Scholar of the Pa'alatiin

The appearance of recruiters for the Order of the New Moon has caused a few in Senchal to look upon this emergent religion with either contempt or concern, depending on their station and perspective. This one decided to take a different approach. Does the Order of the New Moon represent a new cult born out of the chaos of the rage of Dragons, or is it an ancient religion resurfacing from the depths of history?

This one was able to speak to a recruiter, who was more than happy to describe in vivid detail the creeds and tenets of their beliefs. While these Khajiit acknowledge Jone and Jode, they believe that a New Moon will soon rise that will outshine them both. They believe that the path to salvation and power lies in this New Moon and not in the worship of gods that remain silent and distant despite the desperate prayers of the faithful. The Order of the New Moon definitely attempts to appeal to those suffering under the current troubles that have been compounded by the appearance of the Dragons. For this reason, they have attracted mostly the poor and the homeless to their ranks. This one observes that the cult uses false promises and fear as a recruitment tactic.They also seem intent on appeasing the Dragons rather than in combating them. Very curious.

This one has found references to a similar group that was active in the ancient past. Which brings us back to the original question: Is the Order of the New Moon a recently organized cult or does it represent the resurgence of an ancient religion that was biding its time before making a return? This one will need to engage in more research and investigation to make that determination.

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