Evaluation of Saint Felms

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Saint Felms is in near constant motion, a sign that his continuing restlessness is at an all-time high. He resembles a trapped kagouti pacing its cage, but with no bars to restrain him I can only wonder how long his violent desires can be held in check. Truth told, I am not sure the order could construct a cage capable of confining the Saints’ power. My attempts to persuade Felms to relinquish his war axes have been fruitless. The mere suggestion that a warrior should surrender anything as much a part of himself as his weapons was enough to elicit a fiery contempt from him, though that may be regarded as an improvement. His reaction of disdain was measured and reasoned, compared to other outbursts of frustration and anger. While his moods are fleeting, there are signs that Felms is still capable of rationality. Not entirely comforting, given his almost singular focus on martial affairs and conquest.

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