Aldmeri Court Transcript

Author: Seventh Court of Aldmeri Justice
Released In:

Let it be known:

It is the judgment of this tribunal that the criminal known as Thaliel is guilty of all charges levied against her by representatives of the Thalmor state.

She has been convicted on all counts. Her transgressions include:

- Seven counts of bribing a Thalmor official.
- Twelve counts of arcane tampering.
- Seventeen counts of murder in the first degree.
- Twenty-seven counts of murder in the second degree.
- Six counts of unauthorized necromancy.
- Two counts of destruction of ministerial property.
- Three counts of destruction of common property.

Finally, we have received a signed affidavit detailing Thaliel's treatment of those she murdered inflicted upon them after death. The court finds these behaviors consistent with the curse of vampirism. In penance for her heinous crimes, Thaliel will be imprisoned in the buried ruins of Molavar. There she will face a grim eternity of scorched stone, choking fumes, and torturous heat. Let her fate serve as a warning to all would-be necromancers and parasites. Auri-El does not suffer such crimes, nor do the Thalmor. Punishment, in all cases, will be prompt and severe.

Seventh Court of Aldmeri Justice

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