Arkay The Enemy

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Author (in-game): King of Worms

This book was added to TES5: Skyrim by the Staff of Hasedoki addon from the Creation Club. The Elder Scrolls Online version of the book replaces the sentence that reads “He was also a man who entered the ranks of the gods” with “Once he was also just a man,” and also features a couple minor grammar differences.

Hear me, children. Once I was a lowly man such as yourselves. By my will I entered the ranks of the gods. By your unquestioning devotion, you can share my glory.

Most Necromancers are fools and weaklings. Fodder for the witchhunters. But you, my servants, you are among the chosen. In the days to come, few will dare to stand against your might. But one obstacle remains. His name is Arkay.

He was also a man who entered the ranks of the gods. The similarities between his mortal life and my own astonish even me. It is only proper that we should be enemies.

Arkay’s Blessing prevents the souls of men, beastmen, and elves from being used without consent. Arkay’s Law prevents those buried with the proper rituals from being raised to serve my children’s will. As you know, my children, Arkay’s Blessing is flexible to those with daring, but Arkay’s Law is unwavering.

To the Scholars: Humiliate the priests of Arkay. Reveal the primitive burial customs to be mere superstition. Befriend kings with honeyed words and bind them to your will. Look to my children in Cyrodiil for guidance.

To the Priests: Use your servants sparingly, let none be seen by the living. Let the memories of the undead waste away from the people. Send missionaries to the unbound dead, to the Vampires and the Liches. Let all the nations of dead carry my banner and my banner alone.

To the Hidden: Wait, as always, in the darkness.

For soon we shall strike. The Temples of Arkay will be torn stone from stone. The blood of his priests will sate our thirst; their bones will rise as our servants. The name Arkay will be stuck from the records. Only I shall hold sway over life and death. Only one name shall be whispered in fear. The name of your lord and master.


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