Rose of Navire

Released In:

The Rose of Navire, Part the First

She wanders near, She wanders far

She will return, with my har …
hart …
heart. (Does it need to rhyme?)

Our love is a bond. That you are unaware of.

I think, I drink.

She’s back! She’s gone again.

Gone Gonfalon (alliteration, yes!)

Whither I go, too.

The Rose of Navire, Part the Second

Dark eyes, not mine. She drinks wine.

Not with me. She’s gone to sea.

How dare she leave me? Doesn’t she see me?

I’ll go stand on the quay. For a week and a (what rhymes with quay?).nn(Needs more pathos. Maybe some blood imagery or heart stuff.)

The Rose of Navire, Part the Third

There is sand in my shoe. And in my heart.

Aurelia and I are apart,

I went to tell her of my love,

full of hope and wine.

I threw up in the corner,

And pretended it was not mine.

She was kind.

Then she was gone.

I contemplate the sea for a year and a day.n(something about sunrises?)

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