Legend of the Yokudan Chargers

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Author (in-game): Honnorah af-Lahreq

Librarian Note:

This text appeared in a Loremaster’s Archive titled Modern and Historical Riding Mounts

The Gallants of Hammerfell are known far and wide as Tamriel’s finest sword-wielders, but they are known equally well for their skill as riders of horses. A Redguard Gallant is nearly always depicted with a sword in one hand, and the reins of a loyal steed in the other.

And no breed of horse is more closely associated with the Knights of the Desert than the Yokudan Charger. Indeed, the Yokudan Charger is the mightiest of breeds, the pride of all who trade in horseflesh in Hammerfell. Faced with the heat and harsh terrain of the Alik’r, lesser horses falter and die, while the Yokudan Charger survives, even thrives. The Charger reacts to a challenge like his rider the Gallant: head up, nostrils flaring, ever prepared to show his or her mettle.

Here at Aswala Stables we breed and sell only Yokudan Chargers of certified descent, steeds of proven lineage that count among their forebears the horses Yaghoub the Seafarer brought in his fleet from Akos Kasaz. We are a little bit off the beaten track, but we count ourselves lucky to be situated in the awe-inspiring heart of our magnificent Alik’r Desert, and when you see the steeds we have on offer we think you’ll agree it’s worth the trek.

The Yokudan Charger: a grand tradition, and for us, a sacred trust. Come, accept the hospitality of Aswala Stables, and judge for yourself

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