Contract with House Diel

Released In:
Author (in-game): Lord Alain Diel of Daggerfall

To Fisherman Halvire Miltrin and Company,

As per our conversations, here is the signed contract completing our deal. You should have also received the bottles of “elixir” that will cause the effects we desire. Be careful, as I had to deal with various nefarious organizations within Daggerfall to procure the amounts needed.

Apply the contents of a full bottle to your daily haul of fish, then leave the treated fish for the harpies to feast upon. We should begin to see the effects within a matter of days.

As the harpies consume the tainted fish, they will become extremely aggressive. As the harpy threat rises, the nasty birds will have to be dealt with. Once they’re eliminated, we can expand Daggerfall down the coast and increase our investment a hundredfold.

Secrecy is imperative. In the meantime, I will hire another group to procure harpies and their eggs. We might as well make a profit from the creatures while we’re at it. No one needs to know how this started. It should appear that we’re just doing our civic duty and helping the great city of Daggerfall in its time of need.

— Lord Alain Diel of Daggerfall

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