A Helpful, Steadfast Hand

Author: Adandora
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By Adandora, Chronicler-at-Large

The Society of the Steadfast forged its reputation on the battlefields of Cyrodiil and at sites of natural disasters across Tamriel. Founded by Lord Bacaro Volorus, the society consists of healers, caregivers, and a small contingent of knights that send teams loaded with supplies from one location to the next as the need arises.

"We do what we can," Lord Bacaro has said on numerous occasions. "I wish we had the numbers and resources to do more."

Near the town of Bravil, in the wake of a fierce battle between the forces of the Ebonheart Pact and the Aldmeri Dominion, the society quickly swooped in to provide relief to those wounded and displaced by the conflict. This chronicler spoke to a soldier and a civilian who were both recovering from injuries sustained in the battle in the society's healing pavilion.

"I've no doubt that the timely intervention of these good healers saved my leg. I thought for sure I was going to lose it after it was pierced by that High Elf lance," explained Heibritt, a Nord soldier from the far north.

"And I got caught in a blast from some sort of spell" said Lurius, a resident of Bravil. "Destroyed my home, too. If not for the society, I'd have no shelter and my family would be starving. Thank the gods for Lord Bacaro and his generosity!"

"This damn war," said Mender Pulor, "I long for the day when I'm not holding some young man or woman's insides in my hands. Until then, I'll keep doing whatever I can to help. How could I do any less?"

Later, I visited the Steadfast headquarters on High Isle, where they also house a healing center for the wounded who require more care and longer periods of recovery than can be handled in the portable pavilions. Lord Bacaro has given over a substantial portion of his family estate for the society's use.

"I believe everyone who has the means should do whatever is in their power to help their fellows," Lord Bacaro said. "How can anyone of good conscience do less?"

While all three alliances honor and accept the neutrality and good work of the Society of the Steadfast, that doesn't mean they can ignore their own defense. I spoke about this with Captain Marguerite, the society's second-in-command and leader of their contingent of knights.

"Our pavilions and caravans, full of food, medicine, and other supplies, are tempting targets for bandits and wandering monsters," the captain explained. "So, while we usually don't have to worry about the combatants engaged in the ongoing war, we still need to protect ourselves. We don't have many knights, but the ones in our service are well-trained and brave to a fault. I'm proud to serve as their commander."

If you are ever in need of assistance, whether due to war or famine or disease, look for the distinctive banners of the Steadfast healing pavilions. "We never turn away anyone who needs help," said Captain Marguerite.

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