The Lusty Argonian Footman, Volume 1

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

(a fragment)

– Act V, Scene 1, Continued –

Erects-The-Spine: My apologies, mistress!

Nadene Velas: Can you not even do this right, my sweet?

Erects-The-Spine: I try, I try! But no matter what I do …

Nadene Velas: You need far more polish than that. How else will my bowl shine?

Erects-The-Spine: Of course! More polish, at once.

Nadene Velas: Yes, that’s very good! My, you’re so eager to please.

Erects-The-Spine: Pleasing you is all that I live for!

Nadene Velas: I know it is, my sweet. And after this, we must lay the table.

Erects-The-Spine: At once! While the master is gone, I can serve you in any room you wish.

Nadene Velas: I expect no less from my faithful servant!

– End of Act V, Scene 1 –

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