Prayer of Fourfold Wrath

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

O Prince of Destruction! Exalted and Most Puissant Lord! Lord of Flood and Fire! Hear this, the prayer of your chosen servants!

Let the ground shake with your mighty footsteps and throw down the towers of the unfaithful. That which is founded on strength endures the test. That which is built upon sand must fall.

Let the forests and towns blaze beneath your furnace breath. The wicked wither in flame, but the virtuous are purified and made clean.

Let the waters of the east, west, south, and north rise at the bidding of your four red arms to sweep away all that is unworthy. Those who are deaf to your words drown, but those who heed your warning find salvation.

Let the sky split at the glance of your sovereign eye, and lightning smite whatever is displeasing in your sight. The courageous weather the storm, but terror consumes the cowardly, even when no wind blows.

Hail to you, Mehrunes Dagon, Father of Cataclysm! Test your servants with earth, fire, water, and air so that we may prove ourselves worthy to serve you! Hear this, our prayer!

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