Ascendancy: Pathway to Lichdom

Author: Gullveig the Ascendant
Released In:

At last, I have discovered the secrets to casting off the shackles of mortality! I record them here for those who dare to follow in my footsteps. Pledge yourselves to me, swear ever-lasting allegiance, and you too can ascend to this lofty plane!

The first element is the will to force your body into death and beyond. Without this ultimate power of mind over body, the transformation cannot begin. Few have the courage for even this initial step; many falter and are lost when pain and horror overcome what little willpower they had.

Given the strongest of wills, great necromantic knowledge is next required. Willpower provides the force but knowledge focuses the will and directs the glorious transformation. Only the most intelligent and daring of necromancers delves deeply enough into forbidden knowledge, gathering the spellcraft needed to achieve blessed lichdom. I am one of those.

A plentiful source of souls is needed as well. These must be wrenched from their owners, as painfully as possible. The higher the degree of torment among your sacrifices, the purer the ascent to lichhood, the greater the power gathered in undeath. You ascend on a glorious stairway of screams and horror!

Lastly, a mighty magical relic is needed. An evil-aligned relic will suffice, but a good-aligned artifact that can be perverted to this purpose is ideal. This relic is the casting focus for Urelu’s Loathsome Coercion, the spell employed to wrench the required souls from their erstwhile owners. The more powerful the relic, the more painful the soul-rending.

Will, knowledge, souls, and power—these are the required elements of this most exalted of transformations. Attempt it if you dare!

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