Dossier: Zadaza

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

Report concerning the Khajiit, Zadaza, included below. Blackguards owe us double for this one. Zadaza's slippery as a freshwater eel.

Zadaza: Khajiit mercenary and treasure-hunter. Often finds employment with Famia Mercius and her confederates, Varo Hosidias, Eshraf, Jee-Lar, etc. Details on her life outside Black Marsh remain sparse. Locals offer several conflicting theories including membership in the Thieves Guild or prior service in the Dominion military. In either case, Zadaza proves very difficult to pin in one place. She adheres to no predictable routines—eating, sleeping, and working in different places from day to day.

She often shares meals with Famia and Varo, but only to discuss expeditions and pay rates. By all accounts, she has no close friends in Black Marsh—only business partners. Very few pressure points to speak of.

We did not observe Zadaza participating in any fights, so her martial ability remains an open question. Nonethless, she displays a high degree of proficiency in stealth, lock-picking, and other related skills.

Recommended abduction method: allow Zadaza and company to enter a xanmeer and mount an assault when the group emerges. Zadaza is routinely the first to exit—often waiting several minutes for other members of her party to catch-up. We strongly recommend careful planning. Zadaza will not make it easy.

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