An Almanac of Betony

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

Chapter 3 — The Cliffs of Betony

Of all the riches of this island called Betony, surely there are none more recognized or celebrated than its lofty cliffs. Those stony sentinels have awed many a visitor and made many an enemy think better of assailing those fortified shores.

It is no wonder that early legends surrounding the island characterized it as home to a mighty rock monster that flung its craggy spines into the sea to the grave misfortune of sailors who steered too close to shore.

Though their true nature is less mythical, the cliffs of Betony are no less impressive for it.

Nestled impenetrably among them is the jewel and protection of the kings of Betony, Skyspire Keep. Constructed during the reign of the great Reman, second of the name, Skyspire Keep has held fast against countless attacks, carved from the rock of those same cliffs, ancient and invincible.

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