The Good Bits

Released In:
Author (in-game): Dahfnar

I know you Dragonguard are going to fill your packs with as many Dragon scales, claws, teeth, horns, and Shor knows what else, but save some room for a few bottles of rheum and you won’t regret you did. Dragon humours have all sorts of uses, and leaving them to soak into the dirt is a crying shame. Whenever you’re butchering a Dragon, remember a pan or something to catch all the good bits.

All that hot red stuff leaking out the Dragon’s corpse. Goes without saying. Provided you left any in the beast before you killed it, slip a sturdy dagger between the scales on the throat and give a squeeze. Unless you’ve got a way to string it up like a pig, you’ll need to do the same for the arm pits, thighs, and base of the tail to extract the most out of it.

This one isn’t so easy. You’ll want to drive a blade into the Dragon’s groin and cut in the direction of its head until you hit the ribs. Don’t cut too deep or you’ll hit the stomach and spill acid everywhere. Reach in under the ribcage until you find a muscly tube and follow that until you reach a melon-sized organ. Give it a squeeze. If it’s spongy, yank it out. If it’s firm, that’s the stomach, and you don’t want to rupture it. The spongy organ should be full of pure bile. Ring it out like a dishrag until you’ve got nothing but pulp in your hands.

Technically, you don’t need to kill a Dragon to collect its rheum, but good luck scraping mucus off its face while its sleeping. Dragon’s secrete this from their eyes, nose, and mouth when they sleep. It tends to collect and dry in the corners of their eyes, edges of the nose, and crease of the mouth. Dried crust is fine, wet is better, but it’ll probably be rare to get it that fresh.

There’s a lot more I could add to this list, but their too hard to gather in the field.

Good hunting,

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