Northglen Farm Opportunities

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Miller’s Assistant: Duties to include mill operation grinding grain into meal and flour, both wheat and corn; meticulous maintenance of mechanism and facility, including lubrication with beetle-oil; and daily offerings to Saint Vitache, Patron of Millers, Scissor-Grinders, and Bathhouse Attendants. The qualified applicant will demonstrate a working knowledge of millwork and possession of all ten fingers.

Crow and Raven Suppressor: Duties to include frightening, chasing, killing, and in any other way ridding Northglen of these persistent pests. Pay to be in bounties, on a per-beak basis. The qualified applicant will come to the interview with tangible examples of his or her experience in corvid extermination.

Farm Carpenter: Duties consist of construction and repair of wooden items, including but not limited to furniture, fences, houses, agricultural structures, simple vehicles, and farm implements. The qualified applicant will bring his or her own tools and demonstrate knowledge of their use. Applicants with good references will receive the preference.

Lettuce-Hand: Duties to include planting, tending, picking, and cleaning lettuce. The qualified applicant will demonstrate the ability to bend over, pluck, and stand again without falling over. No references necessary.

Pumpkin-Monger: Duties to include selection of ripe melons, cart-loading, cart-driving, cart-unloading, and staffing of Northglen Farm Produce Stall in Evermore on market day. The qualified applicant will demonstrate a passing familiarity with pumpkin cultivation, and superior spherical stacking skills.

Apply in person to Marge Gaercroft at Northglen Farm.

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