House Redoran Advisory

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

House Kin,

Please be advised that the following groups and organizations may be operating against the best interests of House Redoran. As such, be vigilant and cautious in your dealings with these groups, and uphold all House rules and strictures accordingly.

Ashlander Tribes

The savages continue to gather near Ald’ruhn and the nearby environs. Obviously, the presence of the savages hampers house efforts to expand into the region, and the Ashlanders are worse than fetcher flies in any event. The High Council will debate options and formulate plans at their next meeting. In the meantime, avoid Ashlander contact as much as possible.

Morag Tong

While House Redoran accepts the will of the Tribunal and allows that the Morag Tong have the authority to operate within Dunmer territory, we also consider them to be murderers and criminals in the eyes of house law. We view this doubly so as other houses have begun to use the Morag Tong against us to undermine Redoran interests and elevate their own standing. As a general practice, House Redoran will not employ the services of the Morag Tong, nor will it allow the Morag Tong to indiscriminately execute our members.

House Hlaalu

While we technically consider House Hlaalu to be a friend and ally, Hlaalu practices that undermine Redoran trade routes and business ventures have grown increasingly frequent in recent weeks. Hlaalu activity in and around Balmora has become particularly alarming, as they appear to want to take control of the city for themselves. Report any overt or suspicious Hlaalu activity to your House Councilor immediately.

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