Baan Dar and His Boast

Author: Anonymous
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Do you love to laugh? Have a talent for trickery? A passion for pranks?

Then come to Baan Dar's Boast! Returning to the ruins at Thormar for the 25th consecutive year! Three Banners War got you down? Come and enjoy the flowing brews of the Bosmer, the cunning quips of the Khajiit, and celebrate the will to survive here on the edge of Elsweyr!

This year you can join with the funny faithful of the Pariah's Hand, the Khajiiti group in this year's boast. By the Exile, do they know how to have a good time! Or, sign up with the other side and the woolly Wood Elves of the Subtle Knife! Definitely not a group of assassins during the off season!

Whether you come to prank or just drink your days away: Baan Dar's Boast! Survival of the smartest on the savannahs of Reaper's March.

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