Proven Moon Sugar Fertilization Techniques

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

The key to creating effective moon sugar grass fertilizer is mixing the right combination of Jarrin Root, Nirnroot, Nightshade, and lava ash. Jarrin Root may be the most difficult to acquire, as it is thought to be found only on the island of Stros-M’kai. Any Jarrin Root that has a dark purple coloration is far more effective, and is well worth the time and resources to find.

Once all ingredients are acquired, mix equal amounts of Jarrin Root, Nirnroot, lava ash, and water. Once your mixture is properly produced, crush it into pebble sized chunks and spread over the moon sugar grass. Finally, wait for the grasses to begin thriving and producing highly potent moon sugar. If it seems as though this process is not working, be patient and repeat as deemed necessary.

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