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Darkest Divinities

Skald Skullsplitter

Though man and mer knew sin
since time began,
The Daedric Princes
watch each mer and man
Azura lights the day
from dawn to dusk
Hermaeus Mora
calls up memories
Hircine's Wild Hunt
tracks blood and scent and musk
pursues conspiracies
Foul Malacath
remembers every curse
Mehrunes Dagon
knows destruction's wrath
Mad Sheogorath
hums a nonsense verse
Stern Jyggalag
sets order on its path
Dark Molag Bal
takes blood and souls as wealth
Vaermina lives
in worlds that dreamers see
Though none can match
unseen Norturnal's stealth
Or hedonistic
Sanguine's revelry
For every troubled soul
that must aspire,
A Daedric Prince
can grant each dark desire