The Ascendant Proclamation

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Take heart, peoples of Tamriel! The hour of your salvation is at hand, if you but have the courage to seize it!

We are the Ascendant Order—knights of the people, fighting on behalf of the common folk of all lands. Our enemies are those who seek to keep you in bondage, who hoard power and authority in all lands. We bring you the means to rise up against those who rule over you, so that you can rule yourselves!

YOU did not ask for this Three Banners War. It is a war started by kings and queens who are not satisfied with the lands they already control. The peaceful people of Tamriel suffer and die for their greed. You are doomed to water noble ambitions with your blood until YOU stand up and say, “This must STOP!”

Only one path to peace and prosperity for ALL exists: We must overthrow the corrupt governments in all of Tamriel’s nations. What harm have the people of High Rock done to the Argonians? What grievance do the Redguards hold against the Dark Elves? None and none! Why should you fight so that some greedy monarch can subjugate new lands and peoples?

Stand with us, the Ascendant Order, and we can put an end to the kings and queens who care not whether you live or die. Join us, and together we can change the world!

Death to empires!

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