Demon from the East

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Kingdoms stretch across the sands
Peace warms our joyful lands,
A heart that shines through the dark
Wrapped in the threads of time.

A demon rises from the East
Followed by a crimson beast,
Oh the earth is torn and scorched
Our people know but fear now.

A warrior raises sword to the sun
Calling warriors to follow,
Alkosh guides threads yet unspun
His champion goes forth.

Soldiers come from foreign shores
To join us in our dreadful war,
Taking stride by the warrior’s side
And prepare for battle.

Crimson beast nobly bestows
A horn to defeat his vile foe,
Its call forces fiends to fall
Victory seems so close now.

The warrior makes one last stand
Against the dreaded demon,
Ice and blood staining peaceful sands
Nighttime fills the sky.

Chains and spells bind the demon tight
Locking it away in darkness,
Soldiers celebrate in new dawn’s light
And peace reigns once more.

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