Residential Logistics Log

Released In:
Author (out of game):
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Living Residents of Clockwork City (Fortress and Region 6) – 176

Place of residency:

Brass Fortress: 112

Ventral Terminus: 2

Mnemonic Planisphere: 2

Everwound Wellspring: 25

Radius: 35

Resident Satisfaction Rating (Log 16788): Compiled by AIOS

Wealth disparity increased by 7% over period of analysis. Recommend increasing access to raw goods by commensurate amount. Root cause primarily psychological. High-wealth sample array displays ambition and dissatisfaction ranks in excess of 15. Potential interpersonal hostility rating increased to “moderate.”

Occurrence of constabulary malfeasance remains at unsafe levels. Recommend ancillary surveys to determine mental fitness of all constables.

Nutrition rating within acceptable norms. Net effect of taste on resident satisfaction remains negative. Recommend increasing salt inclusion by 3% over next analysis period.

Copulation and morbidity rate returning to sustainable norms. Paste-additives proving effective.

Apostle innovation and publication-rate increased by 4% over analysis period. Daylight extension likely cause. Recommend adding another twelve minutes to daylight cycles to test hypothesis.

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