A Change in the Chimer

Author: Carlotta Maro
Released In:

By Carlotta Maro, Alessia’s Chosen

Strange events continue to plague our time. First, the Battle at Red Mountain, followed by the Dwemer’s disappearance, and now the sudden physical change in the Chimer.

Naturally, exaggerated writings about this meant solely for a quick grab of gold alone have already circulated across Cyrodiil. “Their change signals the end times!” “Stare into their eyes and you will fall into Oblivion itself!”

Some of this fodder will be claimed as facts and taught to the young minds of tomorrow. Thus, as a scholar, I believed it was my duty to document what I’ve seen of these so-called Dark Elves first hand. Their skin is ashen and their eyes pools of red like lava. I see now why some are calling it a curse from Red Mountain. But who they were, their nature, remains unchanged. So, tell me, does their change in appearance really deserve this much hysteria?

Dunmer or Chimer, they continue to live their lives, still a people with a proud tradition. And no doubt, a bright and unmarred future. This I know for a fact, dear reader.

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