Kurog’s Betrayal

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

You’ve heard grand claims. Orsinium reborn. The Elf-loving Bretons our friends, the traitor Redguards our allies.

We are welcome, they claim. We are needed, they claim. All lies.

Kurog the False Chief would tell you the Daggerfall Covenant is our future. Kurog, the sellsword who abandoned his tribe, who shed blood for Elves and gold as his people languished and starved. This toothless runt would have us in chains, fighting for the Bretons and Redguards who slaughtered us.

Have you forgotten our brothers and sisters at Orsinium? Have you forgotten who launched their crusade to crush “the Pig Children”?

The same Bretons and Redguards who now pretend friendship sought to wipe us from the face of Tamriel. Now, with our fields salted and our homes burned, the cowards and liars offer to return the land they stole.

Shall we make peace with our enemies? Shall we thank them for returning what they stole from us through foul magic and treachery?

Look past Kurog’s silken words. Look to his cowardly deeds, and to the ancestors who gave their lives to keep us free. This Daggerfall Covenant is a chain around our necks.

They wish to make us their dogs. Remind them that we are Orcs! We will never bow before their so-called “High King”!

Down with Kurog the False Chief!

Down with Emeric the Enslaver!

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