Jewels of Yokuda

Author: Master-Jeweler Donielle Geonette
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The Redguards' reputation as peerless sword-wielders is well earned. But after spending some time in the stifling heat of the Alik'r, I can tell you that they skillfully cut more than just dunerippers and grave robbers. I'm speaking, of course, about precious stones!

During my most recent visit to Sentinel, I had the opportunity to speak with a clever jeweler-historian named Berzhalan. According to him, the hills of Yokuda (the Redguards' long-lost home), were filled with nests of volcanic geodes and jewels. The ancient Yokudans mined up topaz, sapphires, amethysts, and opals—placing great value on any stone with rich color or creamy luster. (Diamonds, shockingly enough, were often discarded due to their lack of hue!)

In addition to creating wide necklaces and heavy bangles, the Yokudans used these gems to adorn their most prized possessions: family swords. They studded the pommels, scabbards, crossguards (and even the blades!) with finely-cut jewels. Over time, this practice fell out of favor. The near-constant civil wars of the Yokeda forced the Redguards, more often than not, to choose utility over beauty. Nonetheless, the gem-cutting tradition remained strong. Yokudan jewelers turned their focus from the martial to the glamorous, crafting elaborate opal headdresses, jangling sapphire anklets, and wide amethyst rings. When the time came for the Ra Gada invasions, these craftsmen brought their skills and traditions to Tamriel. I was surprised to learn that the tools and methods of Redguard jewelers have remained largely unchanged ever since.

So if you ever make your way to Alik'r, do yourself a favor and buy a jeweled Redguard knife or a Totambu-style ring. True, you'll never have the opportunity to see the rolling hills of Yokuda. But these treasures can take you there in spirit, guaranteed.

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