The Piper

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

The Piper came to town, and he raised his pipes to his lips to play. The townsfolk laughed at him as he walked off and his music continued softly.

None saw the Piper again, but as the days wore on, the music of the pipes continued. It echoed in the sleep of the townsfolk, and was present when they awoke. The people grew tired and restless and daily were searches called to find the Piper. They found nothing.

Then, one night, the incessant music cut through the air more loudly than ever. The townsfolk dreamed that night, of critters and vermin, and struggled to sleep. When they awoke, where their children had once been, nestled into their beds, were swarms of rats and mice. Outcry came from house after house. Mothers charged into the streets and fathers charged everywhere else. The townsfolk wept and through their misery failed to notice … that the music had stopped.

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