Marcien’s Message

Author: Trapper Marcien
Released In:

To any helpful passersby:

My dear friend, Star-Gazer Sariyaah, hired me to find her lost pet wormmouth, Versidue. I’m a pretty good trapper, but wormmouths are soft, and the local woods are not a place for defenseless morsels to get lost alone.

I took her advice and baited this trap with Versidue’s favorite snacks, old bread and fruit. If, by some miracle, you come across the critter in my snare, I’d be more than grateful if you could help me reunite my friend with her companion. Sariyaah is waiting by Stonechip Tavern in Ontus. She’ll be overjoyed to see Versidue again, and she’ll reward you for your good deed.

Trapper Marcien

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