House Rayn of Silvenar

Author: Beragon of Valenwood
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By Beragon of Valenwood, Imperial Scribe

Aeradan Camoran may be king of Valenwood, but most Wood Elves see him as a distant figure. Instead, they look to the Treethane of their home city or community for leadership. It may surprise some readers to learn that Treethanes often come from families nearly as highborn as the Camorans of Elden Root. House Rayn of Silvenar is an excellent example.

An old and honorable clan, the Rayns came to power in Silvenar at the end of the First Era, when Emperor Reman chose to administer the conquered Valenwood through its independent kingdoms rather than as a single province. Rayn Treethanes swore allegiance to the Emperor of Cyrodiil (grudgingly in some cases), and in turn were free to rule Silvenar as their own realm. The arrangement continued under the Akaviri Potentates. During their reign, five of seven Treethanes in Silvenar came from House Rayn.

When the last potentate died in 2E 430, the rulers of Silvenar were obvious contenders for the throne of a reunited Wood Elf kingdom in Valenwood. Alas, it was not to be. House Rayn looked inward, seeking to forge a coalition of clans who held to traditional Wood Elf values. The Camorans of Elden Root looked outward instead. Growing rich from trade and forging alliances with realms beyond Valenwood, the kings of Elden Root reclaimed their pre-Reman place as the leading power among the Wood Elves. By the time of the Blacksap Rebellion in 2E 489, Silvenar’s Treethane, Ubarion Rayn, had no choice but to support King Aeradan rather than his less tolerant cousin, Gelthior.

Not all Treethanes in Silvenar are Rayns, of course. The choosing of a Treethane is one part public acclaim, one part designation by the preceding Treethane, and several parts deal-making between a city’s influential clans. Treethane Thalrinel, the current leader in Silvenar, isn’t a Rayn. But a Rayn named Nantharion rules as king over the new settlement of Vashabar, north of the Strid. And it’s certainly true that, when the time comes for a new Treethane to be chosen in Silvenar, one Rayn or another will be in contention.

Oh, and one final note for my Imperial readers. No, the Silvenar isn’t the ruler of Silvenar. The role of the Wood Elf who holds the title Silvenar is a whole other topic for discussion!

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