Practical Necromancy

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Author (in-game): Anonymous

Chapter XXII: Summoning, Binding, And Questioning Spirits of Aetherius

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Previously we’ve discussed the reanimation of crude matter for labor (Chapter XVI). It is time to delve into deeper, more rewarding subjects.

Aside from the traditional ritual components (Chapter III), you will need:

* The HIDE of a slaughtered animal, cleaned and dried in the approved manner.
* A measure of dried NIGHTSHADE, crushed with a pestle of pure ebony.
* An ANIMUS GEODE containing the tortured spirit of a man or mer.

Prepare a circular ritual space no less than three paces across. Isolate the space with a circle of one part chalk, one part salt, and one part ash. In the center of the space, prepare your ritual tools. Jam a pike or spear into the earth, point up. Write the name of the spirit you wish to summon on the piece of animal hide.

Be sure you have no injuries that might spill blood in the circle. Trapping one’s own soul in a summoning circle is rarely fatal (see Chapter XXV for exceptions), but is sure to provoke the mockery of your peers.

After desecrating the circle (refer to Chapter X), light the candles in the following order: EAST, WEST, NORTH, SOUTH. Burn a pinch of nightshade in the RITUAL BOWL. Impale the animal hide onto the PIKE. Finally, take up the ANIMUS GEODE and release its power while holding in your mind an image of the deceased.

Once summoned, the spirit is tethered to the animus geode; the geode will act as a beacon, allowing you to call the bound shade to your side whenever you wish.

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