Honored Ancestors

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Llirala Veloth

Fair of face, kind of heart, and keen of mind
She ruled the Veloth family for more than one hundred years
Prosperity and peace she brought through three unions
The Tribunal graced her with youth and beauty for all her long life
Her grace reflected only good upon the family name

Ondre Veloth

The Master Archer of Molag Amur
With honor and strength and a bow bestowed by Almalexia
He held the pass near Lake Nabia for 9 days
Cursed be the Sload who brought him to his end

Valyne Veloth

Weep not for Valyne Veloth
She toasted her enemies after battles waged
Her hand promised to the man who killed her father
She stood as poison ran through her veins
No muscle or movement betrayed her
Watching as they all toasted her in kind
And fell poisoned to the last
With a smile she dropped her cup and
At last fell herself

Elms Veloth

Fed the family and retainers of the Veloth line
Throughout the long Year of Great Hunger
He toiled to nourish the bodies of kith and kin
No meat or wheat passed his lips
Until everyone else ate their fill
When the rains came he laid down
His sacrifice a nourishment and honor
As the crops blossomed and fed our people

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